Executive, Exotic and Sports Car Insurance

Classic & Sports Car Insurance Brokers have excellent "stand alone" Executive and Exotic Motor Insurance packages available. These facilities cater only for high value motor vehicles valued in excess of R150 000. These policies provide extensive levels of cover and ancillary benefits.

New "Off the Showroom Floor" vehicles purchased are insured on a replacement basis within the first 12 months of purchase should a total loss claim arise from accident or theft/hijack.

In the event of accident where the vehicle can be repaired, then the conventional approach to vehicle repair is adopted with the appropriate excess applicable.

These motor insurance facilities do not cater for age groups under 27 years of age. Statistics over the years have proved that younger age groups tend to be more accident prone. These motor policies are geared to more mature and discerning motorists.

Typical extensions and conditions to these policies:

  1. Loss or damage to the Insured vehicle - Sum Insured on an Insured Retail value basis - Applicable excesses will apply. 

  2. Theft/hijack or attempt thereat where the required security has not been installed during the grace period (thereafter cover ceases) - Additional excess of 10% of claim imposed. 

  3. Whilst the insured vehicle is being driven by, or in the custody or control of a person who is under the age of 25 or has had a licence for less than two years. - Additional 2.5% excess of claim minimum R2500. 

  4. Full Windscreen replacement cover up to a maximum of R30 000, excess 20% of claim with a minimum of R150 applicable.

  5. Windscreen repairs - Nil cost to client.

  6. Headlamp breakage - Cover up to R 2000 with an excess of R300 per claim.

  7. Loss of or damage to Locks and Keys - Cover up to R5 000, excess 20% of claim with a minimum of R300 

  8. Damage arising as a result of theft or any attempt thereat in respect of sound equipment - Maximum sum insured R20 000. 10% of claim minimum R150 if the sound equipment is specified. If not specified 20% of claim, or the basic policy excess whichever is the lesser.

  9. Car hire following accident/theft/hijack - R200 per day. Maximum 30 days. 

  10. Liability to third parties arising out of One Event - R10 000 000

  11. Personal Accident Cover - R100 000 per occurrence due to accident or hijack.

  12. Medical expenses, due to accident or hijack - R25 000 per person.

  13. Trauma counseling, due to accident or hijack - R5 000 per person.

  14. Death expenses, due to accident or hijack - R5 000.00 per person.

  15. Excesses can be negotiated to suit client.

Do approach us for a no obligation quote on your executive car.

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